I graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1995 with a B.S. in Communication Disorders and Psychology and again in 1998 with a Masters Degree in Speech/Language Pathology.  I have worked for the Southeast Area Cooperative at the Beresford School District since August of 2000.   (The picture below is of the SAC staff.)

Working with children with special needs has taught me more about life than any degree or college education ever could.  These children remind me daily of the significance of every  accomplishment no matter how small it may seem to some.  

I live in Beresford with my husband, Patrick, and my son, Jackson.  In my free time I like to go shopping, bake, spend time with family and friends, and read magazines. 

Stacie Bickett

605-763-4127 (work direct line)



 D1 Athletic Study


My son Jack (5 years old).

Cooperative Staff 2006-2007 School Year


Back row: Jennie Weiland, Melissa McKee, Grant Boltjes, Cheryl Johnson, Lorna Peterson, Melissa Baker, Paula Albers, Mike Majeres, Tricia West, Quint Pease, Middle Row: Maureen Hedeen, Cindy Lias, Glenadene Aamot, Joan Nelson, Lela Hall,  Lisa Schmitz, Stacy Van Overbeke, Sharon Petrik, Ranah Sample, Bonnie Wylie, Carol Zanter Front Row: Anne Jensen, Shelley Nelson, Stacie Bickett, Jeanne Staum, Dean Lindstrom  Not shown  Angie Branson, Vicki  Johnson